Project Falcon

Assisting small businesses and helping them get a flying start.


When registering to Project Falcon, your company will be managed and owned by the Fibel Group of Chile and the United Kingdom. Fibel will fund a reseller account for your company and will manage all funds and income made. Fibel will keep 20% of your income as well as payment for the reseller, dependent on the amount of accounts.

Please note that we will only work with ideas that have potential, a Fibel staff member will look into your service when you submit an application.

What happens

You will work alongside an executive at Fibel and we will try to provide you a good experience alongside your host. 

We will simply supply reseller services to you, you will be in charge of paying invoices for domains or any other services you may purchase. We are here to help and support you.

Your Duty

You will be required to update us on profit, income and costs weekly as well as numbers to do with accounts, resellers and whether you'd like to upgrade your reseller.

Profit & Income

Here's an example on how profit would work and how much we'd take, we take 20% of your monthly profit for being a Fibel company, this money will go back into Fibel whereas your cut will go to you.

1€ -> 0.20¢ to Fibel, 0.80¢ to you
10€ -> 2.00€ to Fibel, 8.00€ to you
100€ -> 20.00€ to Fibel, 80.00€ to you

Here's an example of how income would work, the reseller plan price varies on how much accounts you use and what tier you are using, we are using Alpha Reseller as an example here.

20€ -> 10€ + 2.00€ to Fibel (Reseller Plan + Profit Percentage), 8.00€ to you

Billing Software

We can also supply a VPS alongside a Blesta licence for a billing site if needed when you start to profit. This will cost upwards of 2$ a month.


We are also open to suggestions on locations and new services and you will get a say in ideas and can express your feelings on what we could do next.

Do more that web hosting?

No worries! We'll just take over your webhosting division and then you can operate as normal on the other end, still earning from our project.

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